The PinkPolarBear Foundation
The University of Greenland

Sponsorship Collaboration

For the second consecutive year The PinkPolarBear Foundation and University of Greenland are collaborating on a sponsorship program dedicated to Ph.D. students enrolled with the University of Greenland who are actively working on their Doctorate Project.


The foundation is providing financial aid to students who are focusing on subjects revolving around climate change, environmental issues in the arctic region, Greenlandic culture and community etc.


Follow the application process below before December 1st, 2022

Application Process

1.Fill out the Sponsorship Form 

2.Submit the Sponsorship Form along with a formal request letter addressed to the Board of the PinkPolarBear Foundation to

About PinkPolarBear Foundation is an initiative by Greenland Ruby A/S focused on supporting international polar research in all disciplines, with the goal of protecting the inhabitants (humans, animals, and vegetation) of Greenland, who are affected by climate change and accompanying cultural changes.


The PinkPolarBear Foundation has various objectives:

- supporting polar regions during rapid change

- education around polar sciences 

- climate change mitigation and adaptation

- implementing technology solutions for low carbon emissions 


Sustainable social and economic development is also a focus area: when strengthening communities through education and by closing the knowledge gaps, one will most likely move towards sustainable development.

The Sponsorship will be granted by an unanimous decision of all Board Members of the PinkPolarBear Foundation and will be announced on December 15th 2022.*

* Sponsorships budget available for 2 applicants (2 x 25 000 kr.)