The PinkPolarBear Foundation is built around various objectives: supporting the Polar regions in a period of rapid change; educating the public about polar sciences and climate; contributing to climate change awareness; mitigation and adaptation; defining and implementing CSR action plan; implementing technology solutions for low carbon emissions among others.

Sustainable social and economic development is also a focus area: when strengthening communities through education and by closing the knowledge gaps, one will most likely move towards sustainable development.

Currently, in our initial phase, the foundation aims to work together and co-sponsor projects of the International Polar Foundation to develop specific educational projects for Greenland.

The PinkPolarBear Foundation will not reinvent the wheel but will leverage on and cooperate with existing organizations internationally and locally in Greenland. 

The registered domicile of the foundation is the Municipality of Sermersooq, Greenland.  



The PinkPolarBear Foundation seeks to establish an additional bridge between the founding member companies, the Greenland society, and authorities, connecting those further with international organizations in the area of Arctic research and projects.

For instance, the Greenland Ruby mine is taking something from nature but also giving back to human species and nature via the PinkPolarBear Foundation. The mine also contributes to the Greenland society with revenue income and employment opportunities. Partnering with the Greenland society is a key success factor for Greenland Ruby A/S.

After a thorough and in-depth selection process, the PinkPolarBear Foundation has selected the International Polar Foundation as its initial operating partner. This partnership safeguards continuity and provides an effective fulfilling of the mission, vision, goals, and ambitions of the PinkPolarBear Foundation. 



The PinkPolarBear Foundation is open for selected partnerships with like-minded people and corporations. One of our first commercial partners is Hartmann’s from Copenhagen. Apart from being one of the founding members, they contribute part of their sales to the PinkPolarBear Foundation.

Within common global goals, the PinkPolarBear Foundation understands that each partner has different strategies and objectives for launching a partnership. As a result, the partnerships with corporations or institutions are tailored to best meet their partners' expectations.

The partnership approach will give Greenland Ruby A/S and its PinkPolarBear Foundation the opportunity to provide its own signature and identity towards Greenlandic related projects or programs.

The PinkPolarBear Foundation ensures that the global value of partnerships is coherent across the board, even though content and features might differ from partner to partner.

Local Founding Members

The PinkPolarBear Foundation is an initiative of Greenland Ruby A/S but is open for selected partnerships with like-minded local people and corporations.

The Foundation will be ran independently from the Greenland Ruby A/S operations.

In order to establish a strong foundation in the Greenlandic society as well, the Foundation will also invite Greenlandic companies to become founding members or sponsors. 

Founding Members

Rana Gruber
Greenland Venture
Greenland Ruby